Residents Rights

A right is something a person is morally and legally entitled to and others have the duty to respect and uphold.

As a resident of Harbourside Lodge I have the right to:
• Be recognized as an individual.
• Be treated with respect and dignity and to receive care in a kind and compassionate manner.
• Reasonable personal privacy.
• Make choices related to by care and be involved in changes and decisions which affect my life.
• Have visitors.
• Practice my own religion, beliefs and culture free from discrimination.
• Paid or voluntary employment.
• Know information regarding my care and to keep it confidential by all involved.
• Manage or receive help managing my money.
• Live in a clean, safe and attractive environment.
• Speak openly in a respectful manner without fear of condemnation or disciplinary action.
• Participate in recreation and social functions as I choose.
• Live in the least restrictive environment.
• Be exposed to expectations, within the limits of my abilities that will provide me with growth, independence and sense of well being.
• Be protected against emotional, physical and sexual abuse.
• Make mistakes.

As a Resident of Harbourside Lodge I shall be expected to:
• Assume responsibility for the consequences of my actions to the degree that I am able to exercise self-control and to comprehend the relationship between my actions and the consequences.